One of the top three luxury car manufactures in the world is Audi. Just like BMW and Mercedes Benz, Audi is a German luxury car maker that prides itself in providing each driver with comfort, reliability and performance that can only be achieved through the extensive attention to detail each vehicle receives before it leaves the assembly line.The engineers at Audi are constantly looking at not only ways to improve their product’s performance, but also make them safer for the drivers that operate them on the roads of the world. To help keep the drivers and occupants safer on the road, this luxury car maker implemented LED daytime running lights on their vehicles back in 2005. This adds a layer of awareness for other drivers on the road to see Audi driver’s easier so accidents can be avoided.To help drivers keep their eyes on the road and not get distracted changing music or comfort levels, each Audi is equipped with a central control unit. This control device makes it simple and user friendly for the driver to change the temperature in the passenger compartment to a level they desire without having to fumble through a series of menus to find what you need. This makes it simple for drivers to easily feel comfortable in an Audi, so their trip can be an enjoyable one with no aggravation.

For drivers that desire all-wheel drive vehicles, the models available from Audi not only provide a superior ride but are the best in their class when it comes to fuel mileage. This is made possible through innovation of aluminum space frame technology. This lightweight yet rigid platform is the foundation on which an Audi is built. This technology was first introduced back in 1994 and is still used today on A8, A2, TT and R8 models. What really differentiates a luxury car from a sports car is not its performance but how the driver interacts with the vehicle. An Audi can have up to an 8 gear automatic transmission. This is important; the movement of the vehicle provides a smooth rewarding driving experience. A driver can expect to sink into the seat and no coffee is spilled with the smooth transition to top speed. The level of comfort, safety and performance of an Audi is unmatched in the auto industry today. Because of the way an Audi provides comfort and makes a driver feel, anyone who has driven an Audi always miss it when they are have to drive another car.