The world renowned Bentley is a British luxury car manufacturer that was also involved in racing vehicles. They were founded in 1919 and entered their first race in 1922 which was the Indianapolis 500. They also entered the 24 hours at Le Mans in 1924 and won the race. In the years of 1927 through 1930 they also came in first at Le Mans. This would be their last race until 2003 where they won Le Mans again. Bentley was an independent luxury car company with the inspiration to build a fast car, good car and be the best in its class. By 1931 Rolls Royce took notice of them and acquired this elite British car maker. This is when the grill of the Rolls Royce was first introduced to this British line of cars, but the Rolls Royce Logo was not part of their emblem. Bentley still retained its flying wings with a B in the center. What amazed the people at Rolls Royce is that Bentley never registered their trademark emblem. This situation was immediately remedied upon their purchase. In the early years each Bentley was built as a rolling chassis and sent to a coach builder to finish the interior of the vehicle.

That is no longer the case where most of the vehicles are built in Crewe England with a few in Germany. What really distinguishes a Bentley from other car makers is they are to this day still hand built. The care and craftsmanship of each individual creating them can be seen in the way no flaws can be found on their vehicles when finished. With the creation of each Bentley by hand, the owner or driver of one sets themselves apart from all others when on the road. Under the hood in most models is the 6 ¾ liter Bentley V-8 twin Turbo that produces over 500 horse power. This can be found in the Mulsanne model along with the Grand Convertible. It can reach 60 mph in 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph. The experience of driving a Bentley is like no other. You will be surrounded with luxury of a hand crafted automobile with more speed and power most people will never need, but it is there if you so desire to let the horses run wild. All of that with a ride that is like riding on a feather.