The indistinguishable grill and emblem on the front of all BMW models is recognized and respected by auto enthusiasts around the globe. Anyone that sees one knows the driver is a person that cares about traveling in luxury along with having the speed and handling characteristics of a race car available at their finger tips. BMW vehicles are created by one of the Big Three German luxury car makers which are the best selling in the world in this class of vehicles. They first started producing cars in 1928 but already had experience in airplane motors and motorcycles. This knowledge of attaining speed can be felt by any driver of a BMW automobile. Today their models are named in a set of series from 1 to 7. The higher the number, the more luxurious and powerful it is. The power plant under the hood can be a 3.0L inline 6, a 4.4L turbo V-8 and the world famous 6.0 L turbo V-12. The Series 760/Li model provides 537 horsepower with a maximum speed of 155 mph. For those in Europe this is 250 km/h. The smooth ride when accelerating can be in two forms. There are both the 6 and 8 speed transmission that a BMW can be equipped with before 2012

After that point the 8 speed transmission became standard equipment. Both of them deliver a smooth changing of the gears upon acceleration or just The advances in technology not only appear under the hood but also in the cockpit to be used by the driver. This includes the central control display that the driver accesses to choose what information about the vehicle is vital to them so it can be displayed in a 3D format. The BMW is also equipped with a ride height adjustable chassis. This is an automated system that will compensate for heavily luggage in the trunk so the smooth and even ride will never be comprised for All BMW models were designed to take the twisting and winding roads of Bavaria at speeds and with the control most other cars cannot match. Because of this many models are sold out before the end of the production year. If you can get your hands on one, it will be well worth the effort.