Situated on the French Riviera, Cannes is world famous for its elaborate film festival, where the world’s top film stars, producers and directors gather to celebrate their achievements in the spring. It is also a great location where the rich and famous gather to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the succulent French cuisine and the cafés where you can sit and enjoy the splendid coastal views and watch passers-by. The staff’s first choices at Luxury Car Rental Club are the following:

1. La Croisette La Croisette is a lovely promenade along the coast of the beautiful, blue Mediterranean Sea. It offers a peaceful walk with spectacular views of the Estérel hills the coastal town at its feet melting into the sea. It is also a great way to admire the “Chic” fashion on the promenade of people dressed in luxurious designer clothes and bikinis.

2. Iles de Lerins Les Iles de Lerins represent a group of four islands just off the coast of Cannes. Of the four, the two most famous are Île Ste-Marguerite and Île St-Honorat. They offer spectacular beaches to enjoy the French Riviera’s sunshine and on Île Ste- Marguerite you can also tour the Fort de lIle (where the famous man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned). There is also a lovely museum, or le Musée de la Mer, exposing artefacts of marine life. The smaller of the two islands, Île St-Honorat has a beautiful monastery where people go to meditate. To get to the islands, there is a 15 minutes ferry ride that you can take from Cannes.

3. Rue Meynadier Rue Meynadier offers a lovely experience of traditional 18 th century French Riviera architecture. These lovely buildings, once French homes stand proud along the street, converted into specialty boutiques, offering its visitors, a luscious choice of French cheese, and other specialty foods, wine and clothing.

4. Marché Forville Cannes most popular market, le Marché Forville offers its visitors a fantastic experience of a French market bustle, where people shop for their fresh vegetables and fruits, spices, bread and meats. The flavours, colours and smells offer a delightful culinary experience for all to enjoy right in the heart of Cannes.

5. Musée de la Castre The museum is an 11 th century chateau, built by the monks at the time, and is a fantastic Gothic piece of architecture. Inside one can enjoy artwork from impressionist artists and African artefacts.

6. Casino Croisette Cannes is home to France’s most popular casino. Built in 1907, the casino is located in le Palais des Festivals, host to the annual International Film Festival. It offers its visitors an elegant experience and some great dinning at the casino restaurant. Le Jimmyz Club is famous for its extravagant night life and there is of course, a dress code to respect.

7. Rue d’Antibes For those of you who enjoy a little shopping on the high street where all of the top European, luxury fashion brands, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Longchamp, Chanel etc., rue d’Antibes is the place to go, when in Cannes. The boutiques are all very well appointed with their spectacular displays, and it is certainly a favourite to cruise around and enjoy a ride in a deluxe car, be it a convertible sports car or a luxury sedan. The street also offers some fine cafés where one can indulge with a taste of French Macaroons and a delicious café au lait.

8. Massif de lEsterel Massif de lEstérel, a range of mountains formed from red-rock volcanoes, offers hikers a unique view of the French Riviera and a wonderful hiking experience. The Massif reaches up to 2,000 feet above water. You can also enjoy a spectacular view of the French Alps.