Dubai, Located in the United Arab Emirates, is world famous for its extravagant 7 star hotels, luxurious living and spectacular, glass skyscrapers, a true celebration of the ingenious art of modern architecture.

The staff’s first choices at Luxury Car Rental Club are the following:

1. Burj Khalifa The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building is an outstanding monument an a symbol of the ingenuity of modern architecture. The building has the fastest elevator in the world, offering the most sensational views of Dubai and its surroundings. Sunsets are especially amazing. There is also an exhibition centre, where you can learn about the building’s history.

2. Dubai Creek The creek is one of Dubai’s oldest and most beautiful areas. It is a lovely experience to ride an Abra down the creek, in its natural beauty and where one can enjoy the more traditional side of Dubai and its Arabic culture. It is peaceful and delightful experience for everyone to enjoy.

3. Burj Al Arab This is the world famous 7 star hotel. It is luxury in all its opulence. No other hotel in the world can deliver the same level of luxury as does the Burj Al Arab. From its extravagant rooms and décor to its optimum service, no request is too much to handle. The building is set in the shape of a sail and illuminated in such a spectacular way at night.

4. Ski Dubai – Mall of the Emirates It sounds unbelievable; but it’s true! You can ski in the heat of Dubai. Dubai has got one of the world’s most sensational commercial centres, where you can actually go skiing inside.

They have built a lovely ski resort inside this shopping centre and yes the temperature of the interior ski resort s below zero. So get ready to get dressed to ski. Halfway up the ski slopes there’s a great café where you can it back and enjoy the white view of the snow filled centre.

5. Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk and Dubai Marina The Marina and JBR is a city within a city with amazing architecture, delightful cafés bars, luxury hotels and some of Dubai’s top restaurants. There is a Dubai ferry which takes you across the sea to the Atlantis Hotel, located on the Palm Jumeirah.

6. Desert Safari What an excellent way to enjoy the desert, a nice 4-wheel drive in the nearby desert, where you can enjoy a typical barbeque meal and a little shisha! The trip lasts an entire day. You get to experience the way of how the people lived in the desert. On your way back in the evening, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset and the city lights rise as Dubai prepares for its glittering nightlife.

7. Dubai fountains The fountains are situated at the base of Burj Khalifa and Dubai shopping centre. the They are spectacular to watch, especially at night offering a beautiful light show. Along the fountains are endowed of a panache of restaurants one better than the other. One can enjoy a nice meal while watching the beautiful dance flow of the waterfalls. The musical repertoire of the fountain show includes Sama Dubai, Baba Yetu, Shik Shak Shok, and the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, Con te partiro.