The name Ferrari is well known as the top exotic luxury sports car maker in the world. When driving a Ferrari, it is impossible not to be exhilarated like never before. Its speed and handling capabilities has been refined on the F1 track since that type of racing began back in 1950. They are also the only company to compete each and every year in this circuit. The very first Ferrari was on the road in 1947. This was the 125 S that had a 1.5L V-12 under the hood. This was the first of a long line of production cars that were only built and sold so the race team of Scuderia Ferrari or Ferrari Stable could be on the race track. It is that dedication to speed and elegance that has made the name Ferrari a household word around the world. Today you can feel the thrill and excitement of driving a new Ferrari in one of four models being created by hand from this Italian exotic carmaker. This includes the 458, F12 Berlinetta, FF and the latest the LaFerrari. The Laferrari has a 6.3L V-12 power plant that produces nearly 800 horsepower.


To help it accelerate as fast as the famous Bugatti Veyron, it is also equipped with a KERs system that propels the wheels with an additional 161 horsepower. This allows for better fuel mileage without hindering the performance of the vehicle. Drivers of the LaFerrari can attain a top speed of 217 mph with the first 62 mph being achieved in less than 3 seconds or you can be at 183 mph in 15 seconds. To help any driver to stay in control of this Ferrari, it comes standard with an ESC stability control system and 4 wheel anti locking disc brakes. Under acceleration there is also an electronic traction control system that synchronizes the use of both the engine and KERS systems for flawless performance for While most people want to be seen in a Ferrari, after they get behind the wheel, the mind blurring speed at which they can travel makes them hard to be seen by others. While being seen arriving in a Ferrari does make a statement, it is hard for many drivers to stop. They are really that much fun to drive and experience on the open road.