Geneva is a global city and ranked as the 9thmost important global financial centre. It is home to the headquarters of large international organizations the likes of the United Nations, the Red Cross and the place where the Geneva Conventions were signed, an international peace agreement regarding non-combatants and war- prisoners. Known as the “Peace Capital”, Geneva is a buzzling financial hub located in the French part of Switzerland. It offers its inhabitants one of the top quality of living, with a healthy economy. Geneva is also world renown as home to the luxury, quality watchmakers, the likes of Patek Philippe.There is so much to see and so many reasons for falling in love with Geneva.  The staff at Luxury Car Rental Club has compiled a small list of their favourite things to see and do.

The staff choices at Luxury Car Rental Club are the following:


The “Quartier des Bains”, Europe’s hub of modern art, boasts an extensive choice of art galleries and exhibitions of some of the best contemporary art. The area is endowed of upbeat bistros and bars and offers a very exciting and entertaining nightlife.


Geneva has got a wonderful panorama of choice when it comes to museums. Some of the world’s most exceptional museums can be found in this city.

CERN, The Globe of Science and Innovation, is a fantastic architectural delight, a golden sphere representing the earth. It is the science museum including particle physics and boasts an extraordinary exhibit of cutting edge technologies and applications.The ‘Universe of Particles’ exhibition is a must see, based on the big bang theory, it is an exciting journey into the world of particles and the scientific approach to answering the big question: “How did all this come to be?”

The Patek Philippe Museum, located in the centre of the Plainpalais district, showcases the most prestigious creations of the brand’s master watchmakers. It also has on display an extraordinary collection of watches, musical automata and enamel miniatures dating as far as back as the 16th century, all designed and handmade in Geneva, Switzerland and Europe.

Ami Lullin Hall, once the city’s main library, today it an exhibition hall of famous books and manuscripts written by some of the greatest minds of Switzerland, visitors have the possibility of exploring centuries of research.

AndataRitorno, is a very unusual art gallery, who’s primary function is to provide a promotional laboratory space for young up and coming artists to expose their artwork.


Located in the centre of the Parc de l’Ariana, the Palais des Nations houses the European headquarters of the United Nations, and is the second largest UN centre after New York. Over 25,000 delegates pass through the centre each year. A solid symbol of world peace, the Palais also is also an exhibition hall of various artworks.


Carouge is the charming bohemian part of Geneva. It’s beautiful architecture, reminiscent of its Sardinian heritage, adds a little touch of the southern European way of life. Endowed with antique shops, located in Courage’s picturesque alleyways and narrow streets, one can find beautiful and precious artefacts, it also offers a nice range of cafés, delicious restaurants and terraces to enjoy the Latin “joie de vivre”.


Mont-Salève offers breath-taking, panoramic views across the Alps overlooking Geneva. It is just a few bus stops away and a short cable ride to the peak of the mountain. For sports lovers and the great outdoors, Mont-Salève offers you an extensive choice of outdoor sports from hiking to paragliding, mountain biking to cross-country skiing in the winter season.