Germany, despite being much lesser-known as a travel destination than other European countries, still has plenty to offer to the wanderlust. After all, this country is where you will find Berlin, one of the most interesting and captivating cities in the whole of Europe. Aside from the capital, there are many other cities here that boast of impressive histories and rich cultures. The cities are not just what make the country well-deserving of a traveler’s time and money; everywhere you look, you are bound to find something that will catch your attention, pique your interest, and make you realize that your choice of a holiday destination was just right.

To help you start your tour of the country, you may want to take note of the following spots as a reference when you are already in Germany.

The Frauenkirche or “Church of Our Lady

The Frauenkirche, which means Church of Our Lady in English, is a Lutheran church found in Dresden. Back when the World War II was still taking place, the building was completely damaged. Fortunately, the blue prints were still in existence. These were then used to reconstruct the church. By the time that the year 2005 rolled in, the newly built site, featuring all of the original 1720 details, opened its doors to the public. The golden cross that you will see on the church’s dome is from the city of Coventry.

The Romantic Rhine

There is no doubt about it: out of all the areas of the Rhine, the Romantic Rhine is the most visited. This area, which begins from Koblenz and run all the way to Bingen, gives off an aura that you will have  hard time feeling in any other part of the country. The hills, which are covered by lush vineyards, are passed by the Rhine River. Castles and ruins top these hills off.


Lindau is one of the most historic cities in Germany. It is situated very close to the area where the borders of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany meet. A bridge connects the city to the mainland. A railway also provides a way for people, as well as products and goods, to cross from the mainland to the old city and vice versa. If you are into medieval times, Lindau should be a must-visit for you.

The Kölner Dom or “Cologne Cathedral”

The Kölner Dom or the “Cologne Cathedral” in English, is the most remarkable Gothic cathedral in the whole of Germany. It is also considered to be the most popular and inconic landmark of the town for many centuries now. The cathedral, which construction began back in 1248, required more than 6 centuries before its completion. The religious site has been dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Today, it seats the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne.

The Neuschwanstein

Germany does not lack castles; in fact, it has so many of these that it can be hard to choose which one to visit first. If you do not have much time though, we suggest that you start with the Neuschwanstein, especially if you are picturing a storybook castle. It sits prettily atop a rugged hill close to Southwest Bavaria’s Füssen. If you have been to any of the Disneyland amusement parks, it is highly likely that your initial reaction upon seeing this castle is that it looks familiar. The reason is because this magnificent structure is actually what the parks’ Sleeping Beauty castles have been conceptualized from.