Hamburg is a harbour city, boasting the world’s biggest port after London and New York. Located in northern Germany, it is one of the country’s most important economic centres. It is also a beautiful city boasting numerous decorative bridges and canals along with its unique, traditional architecture. The port, over 800 years old, offers spectacular views of the city and the place where one can enjoy delicious seafood by the river beds.

The staff’s first choices at Luxury Car Rental Club are the following:

  1. The “Reeperbahn” – Hamburg’s Nightlife Hub and Red Light District

The Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s most popular district, includes one of Europe’s largest red light district and it also offers a sensational night life. The mile stretch offers an extensive choice of restaurants, bars, theatres and clubs and as well, sex museums, erotic theatre shows, strip clubs and sex shops. It is also home to the GroßeFreiheit, where the Beatles made their international debut in 1960. Spielbudenplatz, started in the 17th century with acrobats, jugglers, magicians, and wooden booths selling refreshments to sailors. Today, this is the place where you can find known theatres, and home toone of the oldest wax figure museums in Germany.Davidstraße, is home to legal prostitution, where you will come across the “ladies of the night”. Herbertstraße is the window display red light district of the Reeperbahn. This section is unofficially prohibited to women and it is prohibited for children. It is well guarded by one of Germany’s most famous police station, monitoring entry and securing the safety of both the “ladies of the night” and their visitors.This eclectic part of Hamburg offers its visitors a unique experience due to its special mix of culinary, night life, cultural shows and sex entertainment.

  1. Hamburg’s Fish Market

The (Fischmarkt) in Hamburg is a delightful experience for all lovers of delicious foods and fresh ingredients. It offers a spectacular display of seafood, straight from the sea, vegetables and fruits freshly picked by the surrounding farmers from the outskirts of the metropolitan and as is traditional for any German home to have fresh cut flowers, the Market boasts a sensational selection of beautiful, cut flowers to decorate any room. The open-air market is located right next to the historic fish auction hall at the Hamburg harbour. Over 300 years old, the market provides a bustling atmosphere especially early in the morning when all of the fresh supplies are shipped in.

  1. Historic Warehouse District

Hamburg is home to the largest Warehouse district in the world. It is an impressive part of the city, with its narrow, cobble streets and over 100 years old warehouses. Filled with cocoa, silk, and oriental carpets these warehouses are wonderful site to visit.

4. Hamburger Kunsthalle

Hamburger Kunsthalle is a collection of three exceptional buildings. Together they hold over 700 years of European art history and one of the most valuable artwork, from medieval altars to modern paintings. Highlights include masterpieces by Rembrandt, Caspar David Friedrich, and Edvard Munch.

5. Church St. Michaelis

The signature landmark of Hamburg, Sy. Michaelis is a baroque style church, built between 1648-1661. Its interiors are spectacular boasting a rich mix of white and rich gold ornaments. There is an intricate spiralled staircase that brings you to the top, where you can enjoy the city skyline and the city’s famous harbour.

6. AlsterArkaden

AlsterArkaden is a picturesque arcade comprised of luxury brand shops and elegant lifestyle to impress the most discerning of shoppers. Inspired by Venetian architecture and situated along the canals of Hamburg, this exclusive area offers a wonderful day out in a luscious environment for anyone to indulge themselves.

7. Planten un Blomen

The PlantenunBlomen is Hamburg’s spectacular botanical garden and home to Europe’s largest Japanese garden. During the summer, PlantenunBlomen offer its visitors water-light concerts, theatre performances, and fun filled festivals in the park.

8. Emigration Museum Ballinstadt

Between 1850 and 1939, over 5 million people from all over Europe emigrated from Hamburg to America. The museum complex “Ballinstadt” takes you through the journey of these European settlers to America. You can visit the original emigration halls, and an extensive interactive exhibition. They have exposed, original passenger lists, which enables people to track down their family origins. It is the largest genealogical database in the world.