Being in a city such as Madrid means that you should be in town for more than just a couple of days. Why? For the simple reason that you won’t really be able to see much of the city in just two days. However, if you are really pressed for time but you still want to do some sightseeing, then make sure that the following are the first areas you will check out.

Gran Via

Considered by many as the city’s epicenter, the Gran Via is a perfect place for you to begin your tour. A lot of people say that it means “Great Way” or “Great Road,” and you can rest assure that it is just that. This humongous 4-lane street goes through the city’s center, with its walkways being lined with many of the best places to be in and hang around at, such as shopping centers, cinemas, cafes, and hotels. Here, you will also find impressive architectural wonders, such as the Metropolis. Make sure that you stop at the Plaza Callao as well as the “Spanish Broadway.”

Retiro Park

The Retiro Park is one of the city’s treasures, with all of its sprawling gardens, works of art such as fountains and sculptures, green fields, clean lakes, and tree-lined streets. If you are with family, loved ones, or friends, a picnic is a great idea at the park. It’s also great for other fun outdoor activities such as boating and strolls. Some of the nearby spots that you should also pay a visit are Salamanca, where you can grab a snack, the La Paz Market, where you will find gastronomic delights, as well as the Biotza or the La Montaderiaif a cozy bar is what you are looking for.

The Manzanares River

The Manzanares River makes Madrid even prettier than it already is. You can stroll around the area or pay for a rental bike for some awesome riding and sight-seeing. New buildings of architectural value, bridges, parks, and playgrounds are all sights to behold while you are along this pretty water formation.

TheRastro Market

“El Rasto,” or The Rastro in English, is one of the biggest open air markets in the world. It is something that you definitely do not want to miss while in the city. Head to the market anytime between 9 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon to experience some of the action and get yourself a few items being sold by vendors all throughout the area. After you’ve done some shopping, you should head to one of the bars that line the streets next to the market and get some tapas while you are also downing a few beers.

Las Terrazas

Last, but not the least, is Las Terrazas. The best way to enjoy this part of Madrid is to drink at one of its sidewalk bars or cafes. Many people say that this is one of the best ways to feel what it really is like in the city. A perfectexampleis Plaza Santa Barbara’s Cervecería Santa Barbara. You should also check out Plaza de Isabel II’s Café del Real as well as the 100 Montaditos, which sits right next to the Royal Palace.