When the name Mercedes-Benz is mentioned, luxury and comfort are what comes to mind for those involved. This German luxury car manufacture has been around in one form or another since Karl Benz invented what is regarded as the first gasoline driven automobile back in 1885. When a Mercedes-Benz is being assembled, it is very different from how others are put together. Nearly all of the places where there could be metal to metal contact areas are insulated with a polymer section so no noise can be created by the junction. This can be easily seen by looking at the radiator which is also held in place by what could be called big thick rubber bands. All of this and more is following the original motto of this luxury car brand, “the best or nothing”. Mercedes-Benz is one of the Big 3 German luxury car manufacturers. Just like the others, many of the developments that are introduced into their road cars were developed on the race track. The latest achievement by Mercedes-Benz was the constructor’s championship along with the drivers first and second place in the 2014 Formula One World Champions series.

This can only have been achieved with superior engineering in their vehicles. The models being created today have the same technology that was in the Formula One race cars and is at the disposal of any driver that sits behind the wheel. This speed and reliability along with the well known trait of luxury all Mercedes-Benz cars are known for is a true driving pleasure everyone should experience at least once in their life time if not on a repeated basis. The hand built E63 AMG 4matic S model is one of the best examples of just what a luxury automobile should be. There is 577 horsepower under the hood that accelerates to 60 in 3.4 seconds. To translate the power to the road is an all wheel drive system with a 7 gear automatic transmission for seamless transition up through the gears. The driver can attain a top speed of 174 mph if they so desire. The E63 s model is just one of 19 different models available today from Mercedes-Benz. Each one has its own style but all have a level of luxury that cannot be found in any other brand of automobile on the road today.