Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and the most populated. It is a principality world renowned as the residence for the wealthy and a tax haven. Located on the French Riviera, it boasts a spectacular Mediterranean seashore against a beautiful mountain drop. The most famous is Monte Carlo, home to the world famous formula 1 track, an actual road used daily the rest of the year. Its luscious lifestyle, glamorous casino attract the world’s wealthiest people, thus making it a country dense in super luxury living, including luxury brand shops and top class dining.

This is also the place to be seen with your favourite supercar and why not take it for a friendly spin around the race track!

The staff’s favourite choices at Luxury Car Rental Club are:

1. MONTE-CARLO CASINO AND OPERA HOUSE The Atrium, built by the French architect, Charles Garnier in 1878, is Monaco’s all too famous Casino. Paved in marble with 28 onyx columns, this landmark leads into the auditorium of the Monaco Opera house known as Salle Garnier, beautifully decorated in red and gold, and exposing majestic frescoes and sculptures. Host to numerous world famous international performances of opera, ballet and concerts the likes of Caruso, Melba, Lubin and so many more; the opera house is visited by many of its visitors and locals. The Casino itself is magnificent. It comprises a series of ornate rooms featuring stained glass windows, decadent decor and sculptures, emblematic paintings and rich bronze lamps to illuminate its interiors.

2. OCEANOGRAPHIC MUSEUM For those of you who enjoy the sea and its sea-life, this museum holds an exceptional collection of marine fauna collected by Monaco’s pioneering Navigator, Prince Albert 1. It is also home to a very large aquarium where the rarest species of fish and marine life live, swimming in an array of humongous aquariums. There is also a shark lagoon, one of the largest pools in the world, where one can enjoy the numerous shark species and as well it exposes a sensational coral reef, beautiful colours and an exceptional array of creatures that live in it. It is a unique opportunity to learn about and enjoy the beauty of what lies beneath the sea.

3. MONACO CATHEDRAL A Roman- Byzantine cathedral built of white stones from La Turbie in 1875, is also the burial grounds of past sovereigns, including Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Its interiors boast a spectacular altar designed by the painter Louis Bréa dating from 1500, as well as the Episcopal throne of Carrara white marble. It is well worth going to see their choir sing to the sound of its empowering organ.

4. THE PRINCE’S PALACE As Monaco is a principality, it is well worth visiting the Prince’s Palace. Located above on the Rock of Monaco, it was built on the site of a fortress erected by the Genoese in 1215. This spectacular Palace revealing the genius of Italain architecture, its gallery holds some of the most beautiful 15 th century frescoes. It boasts a luscious lounge known as the Louis XV lounge decorated all in a rich yellow and sparkling, deep gold. The blue room is of course a delightful play of blues and ornamented with gold. The Mazarin room is an intricate play of wood-panelling, exposes the beauty of the wood, its warmth and panache of colours. The Throne room boasts a lavish Renaissance fireplace. The Prince’s Palace holds a lovely Palatine Chapel built in the 17th century. There is so much to see and each room is more glamorous than the other; let’s not forget the Main Courtyard and its 17th century Carrara marble double staircase. It is splendour not to be missed and a true depiction of Monaco’s prestigious lifestyle.

5. FORT ANTOINE Built on the north eastern tip of “Le Rocher”, this XVIII century fortress is now as an outdoor amphitheatre. During the summer, one can enjoy a beautiful performance seated on the original built in seats forming a perfect semi-circle. The Fort, being an old military base, exposes a lovely watchtower that stands proud and tall in its solitude on guard, overlooking the horizon cross the Mediterranean. The stage is endowed of a pyramid of cannon balls at the centre.

6. MONACO NIGHTLIFE AND CULINARY EXPERIENCE As one of the world’s hot-spots for the most discerning clientele; Monaco certainly provides some of the world’s most extravagant dining and nightlife. Whatever you fancy, if price is not an issue, you can have it. From the rarest wines to the finest culinary experience, “NO” is not a part of Monaco’s vocabulary. People can indulge in their most extravagant delights and enjoy memorable moments, with Magnum Dom Perignon, Le Cristal de Roderer, Caviar, Truffles, Macaroons and whatever else suits your fancy.