The Capital city of the world’s biggest country, Russia, and Eastern Europe’s most important political, economic, cultural and scientific centre, Moscow is also home to the largest number of billionaire residents in the world. Today, Moscow is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. It’s spectacular architecture, exceptional history combined with its wealth and culture make for a memorable escapade. It certainly is one of Europe’s most interesting cities to visit. Remeniscence of its classic Monarchical background from the time of the Romanovs, Leo Tolstoy, ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev and cellist Mstislav, Rostropovich, Moscow boasts some spectacular landmarks which are a must when in Moscow: The Kremlin, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum and the Conservatory. Yet, Moscow is not just about its past elegance and turbulent history; today it offers its visitors and residents alike an ostentatious, hip, luxurious and exciting atmosphere.

The staff’s first choices at Luxury Car Rental Club are:

1. GUM These two shopping centres are the largest in Moscow and the epiphany of wealth and elegance. The GUM is located right by the Red Square. GUM is an architecturally stunning, copious building boasting sensational hallways the likes of a lusciously decorated palace. Home to shops the likes of Burberry, Joop, Hermès and Moschino, this unique commercial centre takes you into another world, where you can enjoy an overly priced meal in the Armani café and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings,. It is like being transported into time, as if you were a part of royalty, invited to a ball, except that here you get to waltz in and out of the world’s most expensive shops.

2. PATRIARCHY PRUDIY This is exactly where the story took place, “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. Patriarshy Prudiy, is a lovely district located just off the Garden Ring and not far from Mayakovsky Square and Tverskaya Ulitsa. It is reminiscent of Stalinist Russia which still to this day lingers in Moscow. Patriarchy Prudiy is a square- shaped pond surrounded by Stalin-era apartments. It is also home to the yellow, neoclassical restaurant called Pavilion, one of Moscow’s most famous, and a beautiful sculpture garden.

3. THE BULVAR The Bulvar is a grand four lane road which is separated by a beautiful park leaving two lanes on either side. The Bulvar leads to the centre of Moscow to Pushkin Square, where you can enjoy people watching. Some are feeding the pigeons and others reading a book or newspaper and of course there is the statue of Alexander Pushkin, whom Russians universally consider the father of Russian literature. Further down the Bulvar, there is an all too famous French- Russian restaurant called Jean-Jacques, one of the residents’ favourite.

4. O2 LOUNGE The Ritz-Carlton, located on Tverskaya Ulitsa, the busiest street in Moscow, is home to the snazziest lounge in town. Located on the 12 th floor of the hotel, and offering commanding views of the city is O2 Lounge. Boasting a modern art deco-style décor, this particular lounge is the place to be seen mingling amongst the wealth of Moscow an e

xuberant atmosphere of elegance and style. One can enjoy top end Suchi, Champagne and Vodka whilst being served by beautiful models whose primary job, other than to serve food and drinks, is to make their guests feel very welcome.

5. SWISS ÔTEL Yet another spectacular modern décor that provides 365 city skyline views the Swiss Ôtel offers City Space bar Lounge on the 34 th floor of the building. An elegant café offering delicious meals, sensational city views and what’s more, there is a great “House of Music” next door, where you can enjoy some of the best performance of classical music.

6. GORKY PARK Once the title and main setting of a famous thriller, Gorky Park is one of Moscow’s favourite places to hang out and enjoy an ice-cream, watch musicians and other talented artists entertain the passers-by and where they get to expose their work. Its entrance is ornamented by a beautiful larger than life gate. Once you enter the park, follow the river, enjoy the views, and finally make your way to the Uzbek restaurant Chihana, where you can enjoy their specialty dish, a lamb dish which they serve with a nice glass of red wine and to finish off, enjoy a green tea. You have the choice of a nice tale outside, or if you prefer a Central- Asian experience, you can enjoy a Houka, a large pipe which you can smoke in a specially dimmed room.

7. WINZAVOD Hidden behind the old Kurskiy Train Station, Winzavod is Moscows Meatpacking District. Today, the factory exhibits all sorts of artefacts from local artists, photographers and other world renowned artist. As well located in its galleries you’ll find Cara Co., which features Belgian and Australian clothing designers, where you can also enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee. Winzavod is the celebrities’ hangout, especially for Western celebrities; it is also the place to indulge in the life of the rich and famous and enjoy fashion shows and art openings.

8. KRYSHA MIRA Krysha Mira is Moscow’s high-end nightclubs. This rooftop enclosed by supernatural blondinki, electronic music and the occasional fire-breathing dancer all provides for a fantastic time dancing, drinking and making friends. The only catch is getting in. Unless you are well connected, it is difficult to bypass the bouncers; but well worth a try. The commanding views of City River, the Stalin-era Ukraina Hotel and the White House, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin runs the country, are worth the trip.

9. CAFĖ PUSHKIN Café Pushkin, on the Bulvar, is located within walking distance from Pushkin Square. Open 24 hours a day, this 5 star restaurant is located in an 1825 building that has been renovated, retaining its original décor of the old aristocratic era and its original lift. The traditional meals are outstanding and well worth a try. You can enjoy blinchiki (Russian pancakes) with black caviar, borscht and pelmeni (dumplings), and end your meal with a delicious Russian dessert such as the Tsars Sturgeon or one of Pushkins favourite desserts. The service here is outstanding. They do treat their guests as royalty.