The standard for excellence and luxury in what an automobile can be first appeared in 1906 when the very first 2 cylinder Rolls Royce came out of the assembly factory in England. The most famous of the early models was the Phantom which was nicked named the Silver Ghost. This is the luxury automobile that established Rolls Royce as the premier automaker in the world. Today there are a couple of versions of this luxurious Phantom available for drivers to enjoy the Rolls Royce experience. You can drive a coupe or convertible, both of which are still being handmade just like the very first one. Under the hood is a 6.8L V-12 power plant that produces 453 horsepower. The smoothness of the ride is applying this power to the road. This is made possible with an 8 speed automatic transmission equipped with overdrive. The Rolls Royce Phantom has always been known for its ultra smooth ride but what most drivers and passenger enjoy the most is the hand crafted interior. The main influence for the design of the interior is that of a traditional English Gentleman’s Clubroom.

To help accent this setting is hand finished teak wood that wraps around the interior inspired by the yachts of yesteryear. The latest model being offered by Rolls Royce is the Wraith. This is a rebirth of the Wraith made famous back in 1938. It has 624 horses under the hood being supplied by a 6.6L V-12 twin turbo motor. This is a 4 seater but unlike the Phantom, it only has 2 doors for a sportier look. It also comes standard with an 8 speed automatic transmission that provides for the smoothest ride in the world from an automobile. The smoothness and elegance in which all Rolls Royce luxury automobiles provide is unmistakable. Most passengers do not even realize they are moving unless they look out the window the ride is so smooth and seamless while in motion. It is the premier luxury automobile in the world that is so far above the rest that no one questions the quality or craftsmanship of the finest vehicles ever built. A ride in a Rolls Royce will relax even the most stressed out businessperson and the level of comfort will never be forgotten.