Rome, for many people, is one of the grandest, most beautiful, and romantic places on earth. There is no doubt about it: it is all these things and more. The best part about a visit to this Italian city is that you do not have to rely on cars just to get around. In fact, many people, especially locals, recommend that you take a stroll, as this will allow you to see, feel, and experience the city’s best of the best. So when you go visit this grand and stunning city, make sure that you include the following places in your must-head- to list.

The Galleria Borghese is a must-see museum in Rome, with it being the home to jaw-dropping collections of works of art. The building itself is a majestic 17th-century villa. Antiquities, the origins of baroque art, and Renaissance masterpieces are all yours to enjoy. To the northeast of the Villa Borghese park is the Galleria, where Bernini sculptures are housed.

The Giorgio de Chirico House-Museum is another museum really worth the time and trip. Here, you will find yourself gazing at classically-influenced surrealism. You will also get the chance to witness for yourself the exceptionally-preserved 2-story apartment of De Chirico. The house/museum also affords what many claim is the best overlooking view of the Piazza di Spagna. The living area was left untouched, with the artist’s works still in display here.

When in Rome, art will follow you everywhere you go. Even when you are in San Luigi dei Francesi.

The church’s Contarelli Chapel is where the 4 century-old Caravaggio art titled “The Calling of Saint Matthew” is on display.

In addition, two other masterpieces of the same artist are also stored and exhibited here – St. Matthew and the Angel as well as the Martyrdom of St. Matthew. As mentioned above, strolling is the best way to see most of Rome. Begin the tour at the Piazza Navona, heading south all the way to the Campo dei Fiori. Cafes, flower vendors, and food await you here. Next stop is the Piazza Farnese, where you will find a Renaissance palace along with a couple of beautiful fountains. After this, head to Ponte Sisto. The bridge affords exceptional views of the city. From here, you will see the Gianicolo hill (west) and the world-famous St. Peters Basilica (north). The Trastevere neighborhood is just across the Tiber. Via del Governo Vecchio The Via del Governo Vecchio, despite being less well-known, is still one of the best areas for shopping adventures while in Rome. This is where you should head to if you want an elegant shopping spree that has fewer people doing the same thing. Here, you can expect to see rows and rows of products and goods, from swimming attires to coats. While the prices of the items here are not cheap, it is still worth a trip to, especially if you are hunting for something that you do not have access to back home.