Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden and the most populous in the Nordic region, is the center of all media, political, economic, and cultural in the country. This is why many of those who travel to this particular part of the world ensure that they pay the capital city a well-deserved visit. So if you are planning to head to Sweden, make sure that you make time to visit the following spots.


Getting brunch at this particular institution should be one of the first things you do while in the city. This establishment, which you will find at the Södermalm Square, is known for being the best place to get (and fortify) oneself with just-caught fish. It has been feeding the Swedes and tourists for more than 2 decades now, with Skåning, a dish comprised of herring and rye with Spanish onion, a bit of mustard, and some fresh dill, being a favorite.

Stockholm Bridges

In order for you to have a much better picture of how the islands are intricately laid out, it is a must that you head to the Stockholm Bridges, specifically underneath it. The best way to do this is to join a tour. There is a boat tour that includes these parts of the city, covering 15 of its bridges, and giving you an inside look at the impressive engineering and architectural masterpieces.


Stockholm is known for being a home to many gardens and parks, but if you want the best of the best, then the Rosendals, or “Rose Valley,” should be the first on your list. Built on the grounds of the 19th century King Oscar’s palace in Djurgården, this majestic area can be reached via a ferry. Here you will find a café, a shop, and a bakery that whip up dishes using the organically grown produce from the park’s very own garden.


The ModernaMuseet, or the Museum of Modern Art and Architecture, has been reworked after the burglary that took place back in the year 1933 wherein masterpieces, including Picassos and Braques, amounting to $66 million, were stolen. Now, the Rafael Moneo-designed museum is better equipped to house works of art, including the Swedish and international modern art on display here. Some of the pieces are from Picasso, Dardel, Hjertén, and Matiss. One of the latest additions to the museum’s collection is a Barbara Kruger piece. Here you will also find one of the largest architecture museums in the world.

The Royal Coin Cabinet

A visit to Stockholm will definitely not be complete without checking out the Royal Coin Cabinet, which is just across the Skeppsholmen Bridge if you are coming straight from the ModernaMuseet. This stately building, which sits prettily next to the palace, houses a plethora of ancient Baghdad coins. There are also English coins on display. Don’t forget to check out the exhibit for the largest coin in the world, a 1644-struck copper plate weighing nearly 20 kilograms, as well as the first ever banknote that was issued by the Stockholms Banco back in 1661.