Did you know that there was a time wherein the British Empire was so powerful and extensive that its control was experienced by at least a third of the entire land surface of the earth? That’s right. And while this is no longer the case today, it is still one of the main reasons as to why the United Kingdom attracts millions and millions of travelers from all over the world. They want to know what the British people are like, how they live, and in modern times, what they do for fun.

The United Kingdom is no doubt one of the nations in the world that makes it to almost everyone, possibly even everyone’s bucket lists. Here, the fun, educational, interesting, weird, unique, and interesting have combined – things that are sure to make your visit definitely worthwhile. If you are unsure as to which spots you should first visit, check out this list to get some idea.

Windsor Castle

The medieval Windsor Castle, which was built way back in 1070, is one of the most important architectural sites in the UK, as it is deeply embedded in the history of the British people. This historic site, which is thankfully very well-preserved, draws thousands and thousands of travelers every month. While there are many castles in England, the Windsor Castle’s history as well as romantic vibe remains unmatched. Its close association to the British royal family allows it a sense of romance and adventure that few castles in England can match.

Canterbury Cathedral

The Canterbury Cathedral is another sight to behold, whether you are a history buff or not. The large church, which was built back in 597, has been the venue for a multitude of royal weddings and other special events of the wealthy. Another reason as to why it is one of the most popular sites in the UK is because of its association with a considerable number of famous religious leaders of the nation.


The Stonehenge, despite of having been studied and researched for many, many years now, still remains shrouded in mystery.  Some people believe that the reason it was built was for the purpose of determining how the sun and the stars moved. Others say that its roots are embedded in religion. Whatever of these two is true, or if it has some other purpose that remains to be uncovered, make sure that you pay this ancient site a visit as your vacation to the United Kingdom will not be complete without seeing it in person.


There is no doubt about it – London is one of the most impressively multicultural cities in the world. Known as one of the leading financial locations across the globe, just being on the streets of the city and witnessing what life is like here is enough to recharge you after a very busy day doing some shopping or just strolling down its nice neighborhoods. Don’t forget to check out the Buckingham Palace to see the famous guards on duty.

Roman Baths

Last, but not the least, is the Roman Baths. The baths, as the name already suggests, have been built by none other than the Roman people. According to history, it was used as a place for people to get rid of their stench while also restoring their health. You can still take a dip here, if you want to have a one-of-a-kind bathing experience.