One of the things that make Vienna, Austria very interesting is the fact that there are plenty of things to discover, both of old and of new value. A single trip does not do it justice, which is why many travelers go back to it as much as they possibly can. So if you have been planning to pay Austria’s capital, its largest city, and its economic, political, and cultural center, make sure that you start with the following areas.


For your first ever visit to the largest city in Austria, it is a must that you head to Schonbrunn. This magnificent palace is sure to complete your trip to the city. The gardens here are so outstanding and painstakingly maintained; you probably are going to start your very own. A great spot that will give you a majestic view of the entire structure is at the Neptune Fountain. You should also take the time to walk up to the Gloriette, which will also afford breathtaking views of the imposing building as well as the pretty neighborhood.


If you love anything quirky, then the Hundertwasserhaus is just perfect for you. Yes, you would need a little bit more time getting here, as it is located farther from most of the other touristy sites in the city, but it is worth the trip. Here, you will be greeted by an array of colors and intricate details. This unique architecture was designed by FriedensreichHundertwasser, and he intentionally styled it this way to counter the somewhat “clinical” appearance and vibe that modern architecture gives off.

Ring Road

Next, we have the Ring Road. This is where you will find many of the most touristy spots in Vienna. The city’s centre as well as top attractions are framed by this road known to the locals as the Ringstrasse. The city’s InnereStadt district is surrounded by the road, and there are plenty of things for you to see here. Take a stroll to catch a sight of the Hofburg Palace, Vienna Opera House, Rathaus, Parliament, Rathaus, Burgtheater, and the Museum Quarter. The University of Vienna is also part of the what the road encircles.


TheNaschmarkt is one of the best places for you to grab a quick meal – fast and affordable. Breads, meats, and cheeses can be purchased here and taken to a nearby park for an instant picnic. If you do not want to prepare your own sandwiches, you can have someone more experienced to do it for you by heading inside on of the restaurants found in this area too. One thing that you will really like about this place is that not a lot of tourists venture to the area.

Haus der Musik

If you do not pay the Haus der Musik a visit, you cannot really say that you were able to see much of Vienna. If you are a music fan, this is a must. The museum, with all its exhibits and displays, is quite interactive and very interesting. Here you can compose your own music, play with instruments, and learn more about the musical history of the nation.